All about the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

One of the significant attractions of the San Francisco Bay area is the Golden Gate bridge. It is not just a means for people crossing between Marin County and San Francisco. Since its construction which took four years, the bridge has had a great contribution to San Francisco’s folklore. Besides its role and contribution to theatre arts and film industry, the bridge is a source of employment to many. More than two hundred people are employed to maintain the bridge which serves over 100,000 cars that cross daily. The bridge is operated by the Highway and transportation district.

golden gate bridge at dusk or dawn in San Francisco California

Why the name Golden Gate Bridge?

The bridge gets its name from the Golden gate Strait, where it spans. It stretches a length of three miles. The body of water is one mile wide connecting the bay of San Francisco to the Pacific Ocean. The idea of building the bridge was born in the mid 19th century although everyone thought it was impossible. This is because the waters at the point were too deep and rough.

The bridge is used by both motorists and pedestrians. It has sidewalks which can be used by pedestrians including bicyclists and wheelchair users during the day. however, skateboards, roller skates, and roller blades are not permitted. The bridge has vista points on the North and the South with parking lots. However, heavy congestion usually causes the vista points to be closed to vehicles occasionally.

Enjoy the views

From Fort Point site under the bridge, you can get the rare afternoon view of the city skyline running from the pier at Fort Point on the east of the seawall. The afternoon will grant you the view of the Marin Headlands as well as an outside view of the bridge. In late afternoons or evenings, you will enjoy the site of the bridge with San Francisco’s skyline in the background running from the northern side at Marin Headlands.

Crissy field

One of the exciting spots to view the bridge is the former airfield for the military located to the south of the bridge. It offers cycling and walking trails between Fort point and Marina Green. It is one of the best urban walks in San Francisco offering panoramic views from either side. While there, you will enjoy excellent views of the bridge in addition to picnic areas and a beachfront ideal for families. You can take this walk at any time of the day and still enjoy the same marvelous scenes. In the morning, the bridge will be bathed in the morning sunlight and in the evening, the lovely sunset will be sighted behind the bridge.

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