California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco

This is one of the premier natural history and science museums in the United States. It holds fascinating collections of many natural wonders. It is composed of the Steinhart Aquarium, open-air green roof, rain forest dome, and Morrison Planetarium. The California Academy of Sciences is an attraction to many San Francisco visitors. The academy delivers the real wonders of the space, water, and land below, above and beyond. It serves as the most innovative, largest and the eco-friendliest museum in the world. It offers prehistoric sensations, marvelous minerals, and gems, astronomical exploits, and samples of extraordinary animal and plants.

Inside the California Academy of Sciences

California Academy of Sciences aquarium and rainforest areaThe academy is currently serving as a dynamic arrangement of the aquatic, planetary and historic specimen. Additionally, it contains exhibits showcasing harmonious interaction between oceans, earth, and space. This is attributed to modern renovations and cutting-edge technology. Visitors get an experience of a unique past, present and world’s future, an experience that lasts forever.

The academy is packed with creativity in design as done by Renzo Piano. The academy is housed within one structure offering many crannies and nooks to explore. They include gift shops, theatre, natural history museum, planetarium, and an aquarium. Also, there is a scientific archive with over 20 million specimens.

Things to do at the Academy

One major goal of the California Academy of Science is exploring the numerous science realms and then provide education to the public. There are many exciting exhibits to learn from. At one point, you can see the latest changes in geology, biodiversity or botany. The next point, you can spend time analyzing prehistoric birds or looking at the anacondas in the flooded rainforest exhibits. Inside the academy, there are countless decorations by the specimens collected from around the world. They include impressive aquatic treasures on display.

Some of the things to enjoy in the academy include touring the world rainforests. In a small dome, you will be surrounded by tropical paradise full of birds and floating butterflies. Down the pathway, you will explore three different habitats including Madagascar, Costa Rica and Borneo. Next, take some time at the Discovery Tidepool where you will learn about sea stars and crabs.

Also, the academy gives visitors the opportunity to carry out research on exhibits and examine various specimens at the Naturalist Center. Besides, the center is a venue for small public programs and lectures. Various speakers go to the academy where you can have a chance to attend a lecture on different interesting topics. To the swamp, subtropical fish, turtles, and the white alligator takes you back the historical lanes.